Should I be concerned about chips and cracks?

Molded Stone Studio works carefully and guarantees our products against structural cracks. All countertop edges are eased to create durability and minimize chipping. However, it’s understood that accidents happen and any chips that may occur can be repaired using colour-matched epoxy. All countertops and fire surrounds are reinforced internally to add strength and to eliminate […]

Do the countertops have seams?

You can expect most countertops over 8’ long to have a seam. However, if you would like a larger monolithic piece, then a surcharge will apply. Seam tolerances are ⅛” wide and filled with clear silicone sealant. If you’re concerned about the visual aspect, Molded Stone Studio can move the seam to another, less visible, […]

What can I expect in terms of weight?

Weight of countertops depends on whether you want our traditional wet-cast, or GFRC products. Both options are well within load capacities for standard North American residential construction. Keep in mind, if your cabinets are off-the-shelf store-bought modular, single-wall, or pressboard cabinets, you might require a few reinforcements. This ensures the weight is transferred correctly from […]

Is thin concrete achievable?

The thinnest Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) can be made is ¼” where as the thin-walled sections of GFRC tub and fireplace surrounds are ½” to ¾” thick. This gives the impression of thick concrete without jeopardizing the structural integrity.

How thick can I expect the countertops to be?

Molded Stone Studio pre-cast counters are generally 1½“ to 2″ thick. If you desire a heavier look, adding drop edges of 8″ or more to your design is recommended. This adds the appearance of mass without any unnecessary weight.