I’d like to purchase, what’s the next step?

You can start by emailing Molded Stone Studio a plan or sketch of your project and an outline of your idea. If it’s easier, you’re welcome to call to arrange a meeting. Once the scope of the project is understood, we can give you an estimate and start working together more on the design. Please […]

Why choose concrete?

Working with concrete opens up significantly more room for personality and individuality. Almost any vision can be achieved since Molded Stone Studio designs and creates custom pieces to order. Incorporate special features for a unique look, and feel better knowing that Molded Stone Studio uses locally produced material with a small ecological footprint. Benefits of […]

How can I prepare for my new countertops?

You will see the best outcome if Molded Stone Studio is able to template on bare cabinetry with no existing countertops. Please clear the countertops to create a bare surface if you cannot remove them before your scheduled template. This means no fixtures, dishes, decorations, etc. Be aware that choosing to template over an existing […]

Who installs the concrete product?

To avoid warranty issues and assure your complete satisfaction, Molded Stone Studio likes to deliver and install the concrete work ourselves within Western Canada. You can find the travel and installation charges quoted in your estimate.

How are the projects priced?

Molded Stone Studio’s prices reflect the high-quality service and products. Pricing for projects starts at $125 per square foot, and costs are added depending on additional custom features. Complex projects involve a more sophisticated labour process and can vary in price. For example, additions such as custom decorative inlay, mosaic, embedded fossils, or an intricate […]

Should I reseal my own countertops?

Applying a sealer will protect the surface of your countertop. A sign to reapply sealer is if you notice water soaking into the concrete within 10-15 minutes. You can apply sealer yourself but this is not recommended without practice. It’s not rocket science, but it’s worth learning the tricks to get it right the first […]

How can I keep my countertops looking like-new?

To avoid scratching your counter, always chop on a cutting board. Molded Stone Studio can incorporate cutting boards into the design as a removable or permanent feature. Although it’s safe to place hot pots and pans on your counter, you can avoid the risk of damage by working stainless steel trivets into the concrete surface. […]

Why use sealer over epoxy?

Although urethane or epoxy coatings offer stain resistance, the maintenance is much more difficult. The protective coat can be damaged if you cut directly on it or place intense heat on it. Further, markings caused by this are difficult to repair, and vapours from the product are harmful. This is why Molded Stone Studio chooses […]

How can I avoid stains on my countertops?

Spills are inevitable, and even on a well-sealed surface, some stains may occur if not treated properly. Make sure to wipe up any liquids or sauces (especially if they’re acidic or oily) to avoid permanent damage. Always patch test the concrete before using any cleaning solution. Over time, your product may develop some impurities. Though […]

What does the process involve?

Most of the work is carried out in Molded Stone Studio’s production facility, but measurements do need to be taken within your home to create exact templates. Back at the studio, and after the concrete has properly cured, your product is ready to seal, deliver, and install. You can expect the whole process to take […]