Brett Pope founder, designer, builder

Molded Stone Studio allows you to be creative with your designs and create your dream one-of-a-kind concrete feature.

I started this business in 2005 after completing four years of art school, majoring in mixed media with a minor in bronze casting. Throughout school, I focused on three dimensional forms utilizing sculpture and assembling found objects. As a mold builder in bronze casting, it was easy to switch over to pre-cast concrete form building. After all, building the perfect mold is 75% of the job.

After graduating, I found myself working in construction doing foundation work to roofing. This experience allowed me to gain an understanding of the structural support needed when working with heavy concrete. I learned that often, a house can allow for the extra weight.

In the years Molded Stone has been running, I have been a member of Cheng Concrete and have trained under Fu Tung Cheng at his studio in Berkeley, California. Fu Tung Cheng is one of the founders of the decorative concrete movement and has expanded the concept with unique concrete features throughout the home and commercially. The techniques he teaches are based on years of practice and experience and are invaluable to me. Thanks to these courses, Molded Stone Studio is able to offer a very specific kind of concrete service. More recently I’ve trained under the team at Kodiak Pro with their self-consolidating concrete products.

Molded Stone Studio is committed to building one-of-a-kind works with an artistic and sculptural intention for your home or business. Molded Stone Studio uses glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and self-consolidating concrete (SCC). When using traditional concrete, I use only local materials, sand and aggregates, which is primarily quartz and granite.With Molded Stone Studio products, there is no limit to what I can create for you.

I value each project and creative process with every client and am dedicated to creating the best experience possible for our customers. Molded Stone Studio offers a full list of sub-contractors to meet any renovation needs, either in conventional or alternative construction. For example, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, or general contracting for larger projects and all your finishing needs.

Thanks for visiting Molded Stone Studio.