Looking to create your dream bathroom?

Are you curious about how precast concrete could transform your bathroom or spa?

Molded Stone Studio can create your dream bathroom with concrete vanity designs ranging from sculptural water features with integrated sinks, to simple and clean under-mount sink options. Add complimenting features such as a poured concrete shower stall, bathtub surround, and concrete slab walls for a cohesive look like the one featured here.

The top three benefits of using precast concrete in your bathroom are…

⭐️ Precast concrete is completely customizable to your personal desire for your bathroom – spa, utility, luxurious, and design oriented.  

⭐️ Concrete can match or complement whatever colour palette you wish.

⭐️ Precast concrete is more durable than traditional concrete, it’s stronger, water resistent and fire proof. All qualities that make it amazing for bathroom designing. 

⭐️ This product is locally made with impeccable craftsmanship right here in the Kootenays, on time and within budget.  

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