Get creative with renovations 🎨

Are you dreading diving into your next renovation? Staring at the kitchen or bathroom that desperately needs an overhaul? Perhaps you’re lost in the details. You know you want something just right – but you can’t quite figure it out.  💡

Starting any big project is a challenge, but spending time preparing and planning is absolutely worth it and will give you the confidence to work with a designer or fabricator. Sketches, pinterest, online photos, pics of inspirational places and items, and colour palettes will help you formulate the feeling you want. 🔪

Block out some time to sit and imagine it, then tackle it from a place of excitement. Get  together with your partner, children, and staff – whoever uses the space you’re renovating. My 11 year old has had some amazing ideas that are completely practical – shocker, I know! Once you have a sense of what you want, you’re going to feel inspired to follow through.

Maybe it’s the dread of the mess, the inconvenience that renovations can cause that’s holding you back?  Or you question, do I deserve to live in a nicer space than I already have? Yes, you actually do.

Don’t let fear stIMG 0503op you from changing a space that’s “just fine” into a space where you will  live well and make great memories. Reward yourself! Move forward with your vision!  🖌 

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