Drain board versus drain channels?

Drain board versus drain channels – how do you use your kitchen space? 🔪

🍽 Drain channels allow you to use your countertop space as a countertop. The space between the channels is level with the rest of the countertop, so it’s usable as a flat surface giving you more countertop space. Drain channels are better for smaller spaces or if your sink is in an area where more working space is needed.  

🍽 For folks who like to have a drying rack, the drain board is a better application so long as you have the space for it.  

There are a few different styles to choose from – some are rounded and others rectangular. There are also width and design considerations as well. I can let you know what I think, but you may know exactly what you want! Let me know. I love the creative process and will be excited to creative a unique piece with you.


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