Colour your world with precast concrete 🎨

Colour is one of the perks of getting custom concrete in your home.  Many people go for creams and whites which are elegant and hold up to the test of time. Black and greys are similarly neutral and sturdy style wise. However, the color and vividness that you can get with concrete, especially if you use white base, can be outstanding and striking! Especially if you really love the warmth of a red kitchen or the cooling of a certain blue. 

The color is throughout your piece so even if you do sustain damage, patina, or just wear and tear over time, there is less contrast than with other surfaces that are not imbued with colour throughout.

Molded Stone Studio does not mix color, but there is still quite a range of choice. Check out the range of colours you can put into your home. 🌈

Colour Choices

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